Violet getting TLC

Buffy, Willow & XanderThree beautiful tuxedo kittens were surrendered to us when they were just 5 weeks old. We named them the Slayers: Buffy, Willow and Xander. A wonderful foster family helped raise them into 3 very confident kittens.

Violet meets the dogBuffy was adopted into a busy family with a dog who were excited to have her and renamed her Violet. From the beginning, Violet was ready to be friends with everyone, even the unsure dog!



She had a reaction to her spay suture (one of only two cats in hundreds for us) and when the adopters took her in to have that checked, the veterinarian also updated her vaccinations, including her rabies shot.

Violet getting TLCViolet got very, very ill from this. With an already compromised immune system, the vaccinations were almost too much for this little one. Because of this, we now suggest that adopters space out their vaccinations if possible.

Violet's health care


But how could Violet keep from recovering with such loving care of her family? Her adopter Jessica says, “This cat absolutely refuses to be left out….she is in the middle of everything we do.”
Violet's story hourThis includes baths and story time. Reading to cats has been proven to help not only the cats and kittens but also the children who are reading. It improves their skills and teaches them to love books.

Violet likes to surfHer new dad also lets her help his computer. We suppose she’s looking at Life with Cats or My Cat from Hell when she’s not looking for groovynew cat furniture on Hauspanther.
Violet & ShinodaJessica says, “She has also become a wonderful companion for an aging dog. Shinoda is going deaf and had stopped meeting us at the door because she couldn’t hear us come in…somehow now the kitty lets her know and they both meet us. Violet lets the dog know when there are people in the yard or wildlife that needs to be watched. They chase each other around and ambush each other around corners…they snuggle occasionally but since Violet is always on the go, she really has no time for snuggling with dogs….but if there is a lap anywhere close, she is in it.”

Jessica says, “Once again, thank you for good foster mommies. So glad we come to Happy Cats.”

Thank you all for taking such good care of little Violet!
Willow @ Happy Cats