Happy Tales

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We are always thrilled to celebrate every cat or kitten finding his or her forever family, whether it happened when we first opened or just last week. You can now submit your own Happy Tale as well as read about lots of other Happy Cats at home.

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Jeff & Clover’s big adventure

by Happy Cats Haven

Jeff and Clover were both orphan kittens who met at a wonderful foster home. Clover had been dumped right after birth–umbilical cord still attached–on the sidewalk at a home, while Jeff was found in a storm drain after a big summer storm. They were raised together like siblings. Each was passed over while their more […]

Samuel & Sal

by Happy Cats Haven

Samuel had a lot of moves with his Air Force family and was ready for a quiet retirement when he came to us. He’d been bullied at one of his earlier homes, so he wasn’t pleased with the other kitties at the Haven. He thought he was an Aristocat, a human who accidentally ended up […]

The flower Kitten says Hi from Texas!

by Happy Cats Haven

Taiga – aka Lotus Hi there, I just wanted to send a quick note as the Holidays are rolling around and thank all of you for our wonderful boy. We adopted one of the “flower kittens” – Lotus, last year in the fall. We had just lost our beloved cat and had a real hole […]

Denzel and Rudy

by Happy Cats Haven

As you can see from this picture, Denzel and Rudy look like they have been friends their whole lives… But that’s not quite the case…they actually came from two different (and very sad) beginnngs. Rudy started out in a feral colony and was trapped through our TNR program, but Rudy was not quite feral. He […]

Pekoe is home

by Happy Cats Haven

Imagine you are a little black kitten named Pekoe, living with your siblings in a wonderful foster family after your mommy raised you. You grow to love their two little boys and even though you’re a little more shy than your siblings, you are happy to be adopted with another kitten to another family with […]

Kanna (Pineapple) and Fenrir (Papaya)

by Happy Cats Haven

As you can see, my favorite snuggle buddy is my brother, Fenrir (FKA Papaya). My name is Kanna (FKA Pineapple) and my siblings and I had kind of a rough start in life. Thankfully, we ended up at Happy Cats Haven where the wonderful staff and volunteers took good care of us. I am kind […]

Green-eyed Sandy

by Happy Cats Haven

As you can see, beautiful green-eyed Sandy is on top of the world in her new home. Sandy came to Happy Cats with her two sisters as catolescents after being flipped from living as feral. Meaning basically, she didn’t used to like people, now she does :-). She was initially adopted with her two sisters, […]

Skittles & Shadow

by Happy Cats Haven

Skidoo came to Happy Cats after her person died. A neighbor had been going to the house to feed her, but was not a cat person, so she had little human contact for almost a year. In fact, she might have been struck and abused. She also had ear mites so bad the debris hit […]

Peaches blossoms

by Happy Cats Haven

Peaches was once a young man’s cherished cat, along with another cat friend. Then life happened and he married a woman with a toddler. They soon got a big dog and found themselves expecting another child. A sweet human toddler can be a monster to a small cat, as can a big dog, relentless in […]

Toby and friends

by Happy Cats Haven

Toby came to Happy Cats when he was found abandoned outside as a catolescent. He was always a wild child, ready to tumble and wrestle at the drop of a cat toy. A friendly little guy, he was adopted quickly but proved to be too much for his new kitty friend, who wasn’t quite the […]