Happy Tales

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We are always thrilled to celebrate every cat or kitten finding his or her forever family, whether it happened when we first opened or just last week. You can now submit your own Happy Tale as well as read about lots of other Happy Cats at home.

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Peaches blossoms

by Happy Cats Haven

Peaches was once a young man’s cherished cat, along with another cat friend. Then life happened and he married a woman with a toddler. They soon got a big dog and found themselves expecting another child. A sweet human toddler can be a monster to a small cat, as can a big dog, relentless in […]

Toby and friends

by Happy Cats Haven

Toby came to Happy Cats when he was found abandoned outside as a catolescent. He was always a wild child, ready to tumble and wrestle at the drop of a cat toy. A friendly little guy, he was adopted quickly but proved to be too much for his new kitty friend, who wasn’t quite the […]

Simon & Garfunkel

by Happy Cats Haven

Simon and Garfunkel’s mom had them outside in a garage, where they were found along with another litter of kittens. A kind family took them inside and worked hard to get them comfortable with humans. They were still apprehensive when they came to us at Happy Cats with their extended family, but we showered them […]

Riley in Wonderland

by Happy Cats Haven

Anyone who loves tabbies knows they can sometimes take your breath away. Riley is that tabby, with her fluid build, spiral side swirls and huge green eyes. She came to Happy Cats when her people thought she needed a different home. She’d been rescued as a kitten off the street, but was bullied by the […]

Aja & Starsky

by Happy Cats Haven

Aja came to us as a single kitten, an orphan who was found with another younger family of kittens. At first, she was so terrified she stopped eating and even the other kittens weren’t a comfort to her. At 8 weeks, the clock was ticking on her socialization and her foster mom Genesis had to […]

Blue found his happy ever after!

by Happy Cats Haven

Blue came to Happy Cats Haven when he was found abandoned outside during a cold and snowy winter. One of the Happy Cats staff started feeding him for caring for him, searching for an owner with no luck. Blue was brought into Happy Cats and given his first vaccines before going into foster care. Late […]

Flynn’s brave new life

by Happy Cats Haven

We got the call in February of 2016 from one of our friends who has a TNR colony. It was minus 20 outside and a very thin, sick cat had shown up at her colony, looking for food. The others were not welcoming, so she brought her to us. Nora weighed 4.5 pounds on a […]


by Happy Cats Haven

Lizzy was rescued from an abusive owner after he locked her out in December of 2011 when she was about to have her babies. She found her way into another apartment through the dog door, had her babies and then was frightened away by the dogs. That person’s friend Sue called us for help with […]

Charlie and Sally (Sassy)

by Happy Cats Haven

On February 22nd 2012 you had posted a group of kittens known as the Charlie Brown gang. We were fortunate enough to adopt two of these kittens Charlie and Salley. This is what they look like today. Salley is the social one and Charlie is a mamas boy. They are happy and healthy. We couldn’t […]