Cinco Amigos

Have you ever thought about fostering a kitten or cat? With Kitten Season here, now’s the time! We also need people who would like a cat friend but can’t have one permanently. Fostering is the perfect way to get your kitty fix no matter the circumstances.

Foster families come in all varieties:

  • You want to give your children the magic of kittens without adding to our serious feline overpopulation problem
  • You have a temporary assignment to the area, knowing you’ll have to move yet wanting a companion while you live here
  • You want a feline companion but can’t commit to the possible years a cat could live
  • You have one allergic family member but other members who would like a cat

We provide the supplies and health care. All we ask is that you provide the love, space and time.

Drop by Happy Cats Haven or call us at 719-362-4600 to find out more!

We’re partnering with Republic of Paws for a Kitten Shower so we have enough supplies to get us through the season. When you purchase supplies for the kittens, you get 20% off that plus your own purchases too! We’re also accepting donations of other supplies at Happy Cats and donations of more specific kitten equipment on our Amazon Wish List.

With limited room at the haven, fostering cats and kittens literally saves lives. Thank you for all your support!

Kitten Shower: dropoff donation sites

At Republic of Paws, 2411 West Colorado Avenue, Colorado Springs 80904:

  • KMR formula
  • Frozen goat milk
  • Frozen RadCat food
  • Weruva, Tiki or b.f.f. canned food
  • Kitten toys
  • Beds
  • Corn litter

Drop off donations at Happy Cats:

  • All meat baby food (Beechnut preferred)
  • Baby socks
  • Small scratch trees
  • Baby bottles
  • Small pet playpens
  • Turbo track scratchers

Donate through Amazon Wishlist for Kitten Supplies (click on a link to donate directly):