Who We Are

At Happy Cats Haven, we take in homeless Colorado cats and kittens and find them new, forever homes. We are a Feline Friendly Shelter and guarantee safe haven for all cats we take in.

Feline Friendly means we treat our cats as individuals–with respect, compassion and positive reinforcement–to make their stay as stress-free as possible until they are adopted.

All our funding comes from private individuals and grants. We are a 501(c)3 organization, so your donation is fully tax-deductible. Please help by clicking directly on our Paypal button, below.

The volunteers, cats & kittens thank you!


Adopt a Senior Cat Month

November 1, 2017 – November 30, 2017

All seniors are $30 through November…and come with $1000 in vet care for their first year!

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Click with Your Cat

December 3, 2017

Think cats can’t be trained? Think again! Come to Happy Cats for a fun class on teaching your cat what TO do instead of yelling at him about what NOT to do.



Woohoo! Uhura, Hank & Loretta, Predator, Eclipse, Kitty, Spock & Kermit, TINKER, SHEBA and TINY were adopted this week! Jog on, kitties!Please CLICK HERE to see the rest of our adoptable cats and kittens. Check out our Facebook page to see our kitties heading home and happy at home!

Happy Tales

  • Denzel and Rudy
    As you can see from this picture, Denzel and Rudy look like they have been friends their whole lives… But that’s not quite the case…they actually came from two different (and very sad) beginnngs. […]
  • Pekoe is healed
    Imagine you are a little black kitten named Pekoe, living with your siblings in a wonderful foster family after your mommy raised you. You grow to love their two little boys and even though […]
  • Kanna (Pineapple) and Fenrir (Papaya)
    As you can see, my favorite snuggle buddy is my brother, Fenrir (FKA Papaya). My name is Kanna (FKA Pineapple) and my siblings and I had kind of a rough start in life. Thankfully, we ended up at […]
  • Green-eyed Sandy
    As you can see, beautiful green-eyed Sandy is on top of the world in her new home. Sandy came to Happy Cats with her two sisters as catolescents after being flipped from living as feral. Meaning […]
  • Skittles & Shadow
    Skidoo came to Happy Cats after her person died. A neighbor had been going to the house to feed her, but was not a cat person, so she had little human contact for almost a year. In fact, she might […]
  • Peaches blossoms
    Peaches was once a young man’s cherished cat, along with another cat friend. Then life happened and he married a woman with a toddler. They soon got a big dog and found themselves expecting […]
  • Toby and friends
    Toby came to Happy Cats when he was found abandoned outside as a catolescent. He was always a wild child, ready to tumble and wrestle at the drop of a cat toy. A friendly little guy, he was adopted […]
  • Simon & Garfunkel
    Simon and Garfunkel’s mom had them outside in a garage, where they were found along with another litter of kittens. A kind family took them inside and worked hard to get them comfortable with […]