Wobbler’s grandmother was taken in when she was pregnant with her mommy. Before this kind Samaritan knew it, she had another 8 kittens in her garage.

Even though she has a mild form of CH (Cerebellar Hyperplasia), which causes her to be a little uncoordinated and wobbly, she was the first one of her litter to go exploring and make new friends.

She loves everyone she meets, whether feline or human, and loves to play and chase just like all her Happy Cats friends do. After that, she’s happy to settle down in your arms, purring her little whiskers off.

A smart little sprite, she learned how to perform a Sit in just a few minutes of clicker play!

She may take a little longer to find her forever home, but while she waits patiently for just the right family, Happy Cats keeps her life enriched and as healthy as possible. Please click here for an Adoption Application for Wobbler!

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