Kirkland kibbleHappy Cats took a hiatus from Costco’s Kirkland cat food for a couple of months because of the recall their parent company, Diamond Pet Food, had back in May. The main recall was for their South Carolina plant and our food comes from the Missouri one. When that plant showed up with a salmonella recall, we pulled the food.

We wrote Diamond in August, asking for specific information about the Missouri plant. We received a direct reply in which they provided part of an audit that was conducted at that plant in July by Costco. It showed the average score was better than the year before, resulting in a 95% plus rating that was Excellent.

We realize no food is perfect, but our cats and kittens have done very well on this limited ingredient food, the Adult Maintenance. The food we moved to for the interim was Petsmart’s Authority Sensitive Solutions, which was adequate, but they really seem to thrive on the Kirkland.

June @ Happy Cats Haven

June before Kirkland cat food

June @ Happy Cats Haven

June after Kirkland cat food

If you’d like to know more about how we chose this food, please see our detailed page on what to look for in cat food.