Jeri @ Gigi's

Gigi's Animal Lovers ShopOn August 10th, Jeri McGinnis was in her shop, Gigi’s, gathering merchandise to participate in All Breed Rescue’s annual Romp in the Park the next day. Her husband Billy had just doubled parked outside when the rain started.

They decided to wait a bit to see if it would let up. Jeri went in the back room to get food for her feral colony in Colorado Springs when she heard a huge crack like the sound of the building imploding. She raced for the front door, where she and Billy leapt in their car.

Gigis basementThis is the result of that noise, a gaping hole in the wall of the basement of Gigi’s. You might have wondered, as we did, why they didn’t take precautions after the first flood? Well, they did. They worked hard to put their merchandise in plastic containers and got it up off the floor on shelving units. No one was prepared for the kind of damage this wall of water did to their basement, washing away or damaging $10,000 worth of goods in a rush that came up 4 feet high, leaving mud-covered debris everywhere.

Gigis basementJeri says they are so grateful for all the people who showed up to help clean the mess. She was overwhelmed and didn’t know where to begin, when people started coming in with shovels and pails, saying “How can I help?”

Jeri @ Gigi'sReplace that picture with this, though. Here’s Geri, good humor intact, in her nice clean store with only some vinyl to protect the carpet from planned basement repairs. Like most of the wonderful little shops on Manitou and Cañon Avenues, Gigi’s Animal Lovers Gift Shop is open for business and back to normal.

Jeri and Billy do so much to support animal rescue in and around Colorado Springs, including helping our cats and kittens at Happy Cats Haven. Please drop by and do what you can to support them!