Opposites attract…
meet Ellicat & Lizzy!
Ellicat & Lizzy @ Happy CatsEllicat and Lizzy met on a blind date, not exactly love at first sight. Ellicat is handsome and lean and very picky about his food. Ellicat @ Happy Cats
Lizzy is plump and luscious and will eat just about anything.Lizzy @ Happy Cats HavenIt’s a May-December relationship, with Lizzy the younger woman and Ellicat the sexy senior. They both came from guardians who scared them at times, so they’ve had to learn how to trust people again. Now they know how to flirt to get their tummy rubs and petting.Lizzy @ Happy Cats
Ellicat @ Happy CatsThey both love to play like kittens. Ellicat loves pipe cleaners and string toys, while Lizzy goes for more dignified activities like a stick under a rug. Or eating Christmas decorations.Ellicat plays @ Happy Cats
Lizzy @ Happy CatsLike an old married couple, they’re now comfortable just hanging out. Lizzy loves to rub on Ellicat and snuggle with him. Ellicat isn’t really into such PDA’s, but we know he’d miss her if she wasn’t around.Lizzy loves Ellicat
That’s why they have a special Valentine’s adoption rate of $100 for both through February. It includes their virus testing plus normal vet work, food & litter starter kits, a month of health insurance and a free vet visit voucher each. Ellicat & Lizzy @ Happy CatsThey do well with other cats (no dogs please) as long as their new home isn’t too bustling, so they could be adopted separately too. But why would you want to split up such a beautiful thing?Lizzy @ Happy Cats
Ellicat @ Happy CatsFind out more about our cats and kittens by calling us at 719-635-5000 or emailing us directly.

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