Rhonda called Happy Cats a couple of weeks ago. She had found a kitten on the streets. She was a very sweet kitten and Rhonda tried to get her other cat to like her, but her cat wasn’t having it.

In spite of our long waiting list, we are sometimes able to fit in younger kittens, especially if we can find a foster for them. We told her we’d try.

“What color is the kitten?” we asked.

“She’s white with blue eyes,” Rhonda said. We started making calls.Snowflake @ Happy Cats

Just then, a couple came in the front door. They said they’d filled out a foster application but hadn’t yet gotten a call.

We asked, “How would you like to foster a single kitten?” Sure, they said. We made arrangements to do a home visit the next day.

Later that night, Becky left us a voicemail. Her mom had just lost her best friend of 18 years, a cat given to her by Becky when another daughter had died. Becky had lost her home in the Waldo Canyon fire and couldn’t afford the prices that people were asking for kittens. She wondered if we had any.

Mom’s cat had been white. Becky was looking for a white kitten. A blue-eyed white kitten.

Needless to say, the kitten never made it to the foster home. We quickly took in the little one, who was healthy and friendly, obviously happy to be off the streets and ready for love.

“We should name her Snowflake,” I said.

“Let’s let Becky’s mom name her,” said Sherri.

Sherri handled the adoption and reported that Becky had left with the kitten. They were traveling all the way to Massachusetts to spend Christmas with her mom. Becky, Mom and kitten are all moving back in January to start over on the Westside.

“Guess what Becky’s mom has named the kitten,” Sherri said. “Snowflake!”

May Snowflake, Becky, Mom and all our extended Happy Cats family have a warm, loving and purr-filled Christmas and holiday season.