Cameo & Ember @ Happy CatsCats are social animals, living with each other in colonies in the wild. However, sometimes we take in a cat who just doesn’t do well with other cats, usually because of some early trauma.
Our colonies are pretty nice places to be for most cats, but for these singles, they are actually very stressful. These cats need another solution.
Charles & condo
Our wonderful woodworker, Charles Walters of Blue River Woodworks, has created a warm and comfortable place for these cats to live. The condo is a vertical double, which means the cat can move up and down instead of being locked in one level. Their litter box can be well away from their food and bed. There’s plenty of access to fresh air and view with the open grid top and bottom. The condo is sealed well and completely sanitizable.
Kam & condo
Through the generous donation of Kam and Rob LaCalle, we were able to purchase this beautiful and functional condo for these special cats. They donated it in memory of their pit bull, Nalla, who was the constant companion of their cat Sammy.
In memory of Nalla
It lives behind the front desk, where we can get the cat out while we’re working there. We try to leash train these cats so they can have special time out every day for exercise and play, like Dani here.
Dani walks @ Happy Cats
Thanks again, Kam, Rob and Charles…with a special thanks from Dani!
Dani @ Happy Cats
We have plans for two more of these condos. If you are interested in helping us fund them so we don’t have to turn away the loner cats, please click below. Please note your donation will go to the Singles Condo Fund.

We are a 501(c)3 organization, so your donation is fully tax-deductible. The volunteers and cats thank you!