Painting with a TwistOn May 5th, Painting with a Twist in Colorado Springs hosted a painting party for Happy Cats. In an exception to their regular parties where everyone paints the same thing, they let us send in photos of our favorite pets. Each painting was completely different.

Painting with a TwistWhile most of the painters were Happy Cats friends and family, some were people we hadn’t yet met, animal lovers all. Our instructor Carole had prepared our canvases and palettes. She came around and helped us as we relaxed with wine and snacks.

Painting with a TwistCarole was afraid we weren’t having any fun because we were all painting more than partying! Since each painting was a portrait, it did take some extra focus, but as you can see, we ended up with a crop of wonderful, fun paintings.

Painting with a TwistAt the end of the evening, Carole presented us with a very nice donation for our efforts. We also auctioned off Carole’s painting of Bowman, which will hang at Happy Cats as a reminder of our fun event. Thanks to Kim for organizing this event and thanks again to Carole and everyone at Painting with a Twist for a very unique and satisfying fundraiser!
Painting with a Twist