St Paws gift October 2012

St Paws gift October 2012Almost a year ago, we were blessed with a gift from St. Paws, the thrift store that supports companion animals of all kinds…and those like us who rescue them. We were a fledgling organization, but Linda and Marcy had faith in us.

We’ve come quite a way since then and the saints at St. Paws still believe in us and what we do. We just received another very generous donation from them and we are very grateful. Their support and that of all our other wonderful donors is what keeps Happy Cats going.

If you have any gently used items you’d like to give away, please consider donating them to St. Paws. Your items will help out those who can’t afford new items (or choose to recycle and upcycle!) as well as helping many many rescued animals across the Front Range, including horses at Ruby Ranch, dogs at Lucky Dog Rescue, all types of animals (including our Lucky cat from last December!) from AARF and even bunnies at the Colorado House Rabbit Society!.

Also, Vicki is now running St. Paws and has been called up for special training by the Army for 6 weeks. St. Paws could really use some help running the store while she’s gone. Please see their contact info below!

St. Paws Thrift Store

3275 E. Platte Ave. Unit E

Colorado Springs, CO 80909

At Citadel Commons in front of the WalMart off Platte