Sherri & PinkHappy Cats is thrilled to announce that our very own Sherri Albertson is now writing a column for one of our local newspapers, the Gazette! It’s called Dear Ms. Kitty and premiered in late 2012. She’ll be covering the same kinds of questions we get every day at Happy Cats, helping to uncover the mysteries of our feline friends.

We’ll be featuring her unedited versions right here so you can read them. If you’d like access to the archived versions of the column, please contact the Gazette and let them know that cat readers are out here!

Also, if you have any questions for Ms Kitty, you can now email her directly.

Playing with Tangy – 4/29/13

Considering a Kitten – 4/1/13

Kitten Season Is upon Us – 3/18/13

Was Sturgis Poisoned? – 3/4/13

Keeping Outside Cats Warm – 2/18/13

Misha’s Mouth – 2/4/13

Helping Harry Stay Fit – 1/21/13

Pretty Boy & the New Kitten – 1/7/13

The Christmas Gift – 12/24/12

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