Snow White @ Happy CatsThis is Snow White. She was probably only half grown when she was abandoned outside and left to get pregnant.

She had her babies–all 7 dwarves!–in a windowwell, the best place she could find to protect them. We started trying to bring them in but she was a very dedicated mom, moving the kittens 5 times before we were able to trap her and them.

She was once someone’s sweet little kitten, as she turned out to be very affectionate, purring loudly when she’s petted. She’s now spayed, healthy and waiting for her forever home, as are 6 of her kittens.
National Feral Cat Day

Most street cats are out in the cold through no fault of their own. Happy Cats Haven helps bring comfort to over 1200 street cats daily by helping ensure they are fed and sterilized, stabilizing their populations.

Stop by Happy Cats Thursday 10/16 through Sunday 10/19 and help out with a donation to their food drive or for their surgeries (just $30 provides a spay or neuter plus vaccinations).

Buy a toy for your own happy cat at half off and all proceeds go to this program! Help make a better life for cats like Snow White and Oreo, happy at home with his lifelong family.
Oreo at home