Are you a cat whisperer? Have you ever wanted to have a purebred Siberian?

Now’s your chance! Lyra and Serafina grew up in a kitten-mill-type situation, locked in a cage with their mom without normal socializing or clean litterboxes and possibly without enough to eat.

In spite of that, they are very curious and extremely playful (like large, elegant kittens). They like hanging out with humans and are now learning how to accept touch without fear. We’ve had them for 3 months and they are quite healthy now, very happy to have more room in their sunny foster bathroom. They become more confident every day.

We have been working with a behavior consultant Carole Galloway of Colorado Cats to help them along. There were some litterbox issues at first and they have abated with a very simple environment. We have detailed instructions about how to continue their socializing. The goal of getting them to live without fear with a loving human seems reachable now.

They are fixed, chipped, vaccinated and ready to go. They will likely need some months of intervention, but Carole has given us a plan for their recovery and we have hope they will blossom into lovely Secret Valentines, the cats who love hanging out with you, possibly sleeping with you, but who appreciate time to themselves. We are waiving their adoption fees for qualified adopters.

You can click here to download an Adoption Application for them, fill it out and send to Someone should get back to you within 48 hours after you send it in. If you’d like to contact someone more quickly, please call Happy Cats at 719-362-4600.