Who doesn’t? (at least in this audience!)
Schroeder, Charlie, Lucy, Franklin & Linus
If you’re like us, committed to helping reduce the rate of feline euthanasia in the Pikes Peak Region, but still love hanging out with adorables like this, have we got a deal for you.

Kitten Season is here. We’re getting calls all the time from people who have either found kittens or need help raising them. Some are orphans but most come with their mother, which is also essential for a happy adjusted cat.

These next 3-4 months are critical. Kittens have 16-17 weeks to be handled properly and grow up to be loving, friendly cats…the sort of cat who rarely ends up in a shelter. You can help!

Kitten Foster Parents come in all varieties:

  • People without cats of their own who need a kitty fix
  • People who want their children to experience the magic of kittens without contributing to our feline overpopulation problems
  • People who have an allergic member of the family but other family members who love cats
  • People who have cats of their own but still want to experience the fun of kittens
  • People who would love a cat but can only have one for a limited time

We provide the food, litter, vet care and support. You provide a room just for mom and her kittens, the time to snuggle and socialize (usually about an hour a day) and all the love you wish…we can guarantee you’ll get it back tenfold.
Sue & her foster kittens
Just ask Sue. Her friend’s neighbor locked out his pregnant cat on a cold winter night. The cat came in her friend’s dog door to have her kittens. Sue took them on, loving and learning as she went. Her kittens were well socialized and loving, as you can see. Three months later, they were on their way to their forever homes. Now Sue is helping us again with another litter and mom.
Sue & her foster kittens
Please call us at 719-635-5000 if you’d like to help. We can’t always prevent having too many kittens in our region, but with your help, we can help raise kittens into cats that everybody loves.