Just don’t tell Sasha, Columbo, Stormy, Moose or June Bug, because they’d just think you’re being silly and say,

“Of course we’re adoptable!”

Sasha @ Happy Cats

Sasha was a teen mom, Columbo was a rescued near death and Stormy wants to be your Cowardly Lion. They are our FIV+ kitties, who were saved from the street and euthanasia after being exposed to the virus. The truth is, healthy FIV+ kitties like them live an average lifespan with good veterinary care. They can even live with non-FIV kitties without passing along the virus, as long as they don’t fight.

These three FIV+ kitties come with a blood panel and their test. We also offer another test 60 days after adoption, if you’d like one. You can find out more about FIV here.

Moose & Junebug

June Bug was shunned by her cat family as a kitten and Moose had to defend himself outside too. Neither was sure they wanted to be friends, but they fell in love at their foster home and now are inseparable! You can see their Youtube videos here: Moose loves June Bug and Moose & June Bug love to play.

To celebrate, each of our fabulous FIV cats is on special with a $40 adoption fee, which also includes their neuters, vaccinations, microchip and a free vet visit. To make sure they go home together, Moose and June Bug are on special for $80 for both. Don’t miss out on playtime with June Bug and Moose, or kitty kisses, hugs and purrs from Sasha, Columbo and Smokey!

All five kitties are in loving foster homes right now. Please go here to fill out our Adoption Application and call us at 719-362-4600 so that we can arrange a visit.

Columbo @ Happy Cats

Stormy @ Happy Cats