We recently rescued 5 litters of kittens from two overpopulation situations. Volunteer Kathy has taken care of the moms and several of our wonderful foster families are helping us get these little ones back on track with their health and behavior.

We are partnering with the Monument PetSmart for a Kitten Adoption Fair on October 22nd from 11-3. If you are interested, please click here to save time by submitting an Adoption Application now.

Meet the Pastries! Scone, Cookie, Cupcake, Bavarian and Muffin:

Scone, Cookie, Cupcake, Bavarian, Muffin

Pictures of Macaroon, Biscotti, Churro, Fritter and Bearclaw, along with the Rock Stars CCR, Styx, Madonna, Fleetwood, Heart, Genesis, Bowie, REO and Joel are on their way!