Karmel High Fives
Handsome Karmel came to us originally as a shy catolescent with his sister Kallie. While he was here, we taught him how to Sit and do High Fives.

Karmel & Kallie @ HomeThey were adopted together, but over the course of many life changes for their humans, including moves, a very scary ceiling fan and a new baby, Karmel became very scared. Finally his sister and best friend turned on him and he got so scared he couldn’t even make it to the litter box. By the time he came back to us, he was huddled in the back of the condo, twitching from fear.
Karmel @ Happy Cats
It’s taken months, but he’s back to his purring, loving self again. He gets enrichment time by showing off his Sits and High Fives and loves it when we sing to him, “the Karmel Man can…!” Sometimes when it’s really quiet at night, he comes out to play. We are working on building back up his confidence to be able to come out of his safe zone regularly and eventually get into a colony.

Karmel @ Happy CatsHe will need just the right home, a very quiet and predictable one where he can blossom. We know there’s someone for everyone…even if we haven’t found them yet!

There’s more on Karmel here: http://www.happycatshaven.org/karmel/