Come celebrate cat independence with us by giving a forever home to a Happy Cat for $17.76! We have lots of loving cats & catolescents just waiting for their families, so if you’ve had your eyes on anyone in particular, now’s the time.

They all come with their virus tests, 3-way vaccinations, microchips, free well-kitty checkups and food & litter starter kits.

Tiny was adopted from us a sweet white kitten who is now an even sweeter white cat. Her people had adopted another cat when they could no longer take care of them, so of course we took in her boyfriend Petey too. He’s even more lovable than she is!

COCONUT IS ADOPTED! Coconut came to us as a kitten from a person who had too many cats. In spite a rough beginning, she’s a sweet catolescent who just wants her very own human to cuddle.

Tinker came in when his senior person could no longer handle this big, active boy. He was usually a little grouchy when he had to live with other cats, but now that he’s the only cat in his big room at our partner Catagonia Cat Hotel, he’s loving his life again, happy that he only has spend close time with cats like this! He’ll be your best Personal Assistant ever, happy to hang out and even cuddle if your lap is big enough.

MAC IS ADOPTED! Big Mac also started out as a little white kitten with us and was returned when his elderly owner died. He’s surprisingly snuggly for such a big guy, if you have a lap that can hold him!. At about the same time, big handsome River was also surrendered, Mac’s brother in another color :-). Mac hadn’t been around other cats since his brothers Marsh and Mallow, so we weren’t quite sure how he’d do with a friend. River gently showed him how to play and now they take turns wrestling while happy Sheba referees.

Plumpalicious Jasper was saved from the outside life by his foster mom, who turned him from a scared, shy kitten into a loving lap cat (if you have a reallly big lap!). He’s just as sweet with other cats and kittens as he is with people, making him an all around great family cat, once he’s had a proper introduction.

Denzel was left behind at an apartment when his people moved. A shy cat anyway, being abandoned outside only to watch his people drive away was very traumatizing to him. Along came Rudy, another shy boy who was rescued off the street over the winter with his sister. Not really bonded to her, Rudy discovered Denzel and it was bromance at first sight!

Tucker was left behind when his people moved, sadly watching them drive away from under the bushes. He was adopted to someone who wasn’t able to care for him. That hasn’t dampened his love for people, though, as this big sweetie is ready to give you hugs and kisses…as long as he’s the only king in your castle!

Goldie and Snickers came to us when their guardian had to move and couldn’t take him with them. You won’t find a more handsome pair of sweet orange boys anywhere! They love each other, other cats and most of all, people…ready to purr and snuggle–and play too!–at the drop of a cat toy.




CLOVE IS ADOPTED! Clove is one of our Teen Moms, young cats barely out of kittenhood who are left to fend for themselves outside. Of course they get pregnant and then have to keep not only themselves but their babies alive. We’re getting call after call from people who have found momcats and kittens outside, under bushes and decks and porches, trying desperately to find enough food to live. We always take care of the mommies, and sweet Clove has raised her kittens and is ready for a home of her own.

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