Snow @ Happy Cats
Last winter, we took in little Snow. Snow was found in a snowbank 10 years ago and nursed back to health from a horrible upper respiratory infection. He may have suffered from being hit by a car, because he walked with his head permanently tilted to the side. His guardian had to go to assisted living and give up her animals. Snow was in an unsafe situation, so we brought him in. He was thin and matted, probably a little deaf and with bad teeth, but otherwise just a little sweetheart. When he was on your lap, he made little trilling noises, like he was singing you a song.
Snow @ Happy Cats Haven

Snow made quite the comeback at Happy Cats. Thanks to the generosity of those like Ms. Striplin who gave to our Health Fund, we got him healthy enough for his dental work and the URI appeared cured. He started to gain weight and get his coat back to normal.

Snow @ CatTails Feline Health CenterWe were then surprised by the generosity of CatTails Feline Health Center and Dr. Laurie Clauss, when she offered to take him and give him all the medical care he required. Along the way, Snow trilled his way into becoming one of their office cats. Now he’s happily part of the crew there, always ready to greet clients when they come in and able to get along with everybody. The last we knew, he not only came through his dental with flying colors, but now is walking nearly normally…with just enough head tilt to keep him the most adorable cat on the planet :).

Thanks once again to everything you’ve done for Snow, Dr. Clauss and all the crew at CatTails!