Roxy, HCH office cat

Roxy the Office Cat

Roxy the Office Cat

Roxy was a survivor. All this tidy little tuxedo lady wanted was to grow old gracefully, purring on the lap of someone who loved her. She had been through some stressful times that made her overgroom, but when her stress level went down, her fur grew back. Spending time in Melissa’s office helped keep her happy and healthy.

Roxy was diagnosed with hyperthyroidism, usually thought to be caused by a benign tumor on the thyroid gland. It was very early in her diagnosis, so she didn’t show many symptoms at first.

Thanks to very generous donations from HCH friends Kam & Rob, Dr. Olson at Cat Specialist where the surgery was performed and an anonymous donor, Roxy was cured of her hyperthyroidism and ready to be adopted! She went home in February and last we heard, was running the household from the top of the Steinway piano. As she should.

Shadow @ Happy Cats Haven

Shadow the Gentle Giant

Shadow was an amazing cat. He stood around 21 inches high and was at least 42 inches long from nose to tailtip. He was as sweet as he was stunning.

He had some polyps in his ear that were probably benign. This wasn’t an especially expensive surgery, but was still beyond our normal level of care.

Shadow was adopted in January. Thanks to his new guardians, Shadow was able to get the surgery he needed!