Abby in the light

Abby healing at Kim'sThanks to all your generous donations, beautiful Abby had cataract surgery on September 24th. She went home with our Treasurer Kim to recuperate. Kim said she had to wear a cone and at one point had to have 7 different medications, so we’re very grateful she had such loving care.

We all wanted to know…what happened when she could finally see?

Dr. Dugan thought that she was born with this condition, so she didn’t have the body memory of sight from earlier in her life. It appears that the ability to see is a learning process. At first, Abby hugged the floor like she’d done at Susan’s and Happy Cats. Within a couple of days after surgery, she had explored Kim’s whole house. Gradually, she seemed to realize she was safe enough to move more normally and even jump, though she limits her jumping to nothing higher than the bed and still jumps with all four feet. So far she is reacting a little less when she runs into one of Kim’s cats. She’s also following around her new people, glad for their attention.
Abby in the light

The high point for Kim so far was seeing Abby run–really run!–down the hall and do that little lateral move when you know a cat is in pure play mode. She even runs up and down the stairs now, an unthinkable act when she couldn’t see.

You can see that Abby is enjoying her new life, soaking up the sunshine and watching the birds through the window. We can’t wait to hear what her next adventure will be!