Waldo Canyon fireAnne vividly remembers the Waldo Canyon fire last year. During the chaos, 3 fearful cats showed up at her house in Old Colorado City. She took them in, put up flyers and left found reports with the Humane Society, but no one responded.

Wendy @ Happy CatsAnne has cats of her own, so she needed to find a home for one of them, a sweet little black cat she called Marlee. We were able to take her in a few months later. We scanned her and found a microchip. The company gave us contact information, but no one answered the phone. Armed with the address, Anne also went searching, but the family had moved. She left our info with a neighbor.

Wendy @ Happy CatsThen Allison thought to double check the number. This time, someone answered. When she asked if they were missing a small black cat, she heard the phone drop and someone scream, “They found Wendy!” Within hours, Tim and Nicole were at Happy Cats, reunited with their kitty.

Penny and her brother Teller were also recently rescued because of their microchips. Their adopter had given them to a friend, who lost them on base. Animal Control picked them up, scanned them and they found their way back to us.

Wendy with Tim & NicoleWe’re so glad to have been able to help with this rescue. As our area faces the threat of more summer fires, this is one more thing we can do to protect our cats (and small dogs too!), should the worst happen.
Wendy with Tim & Nicole

We will keep adding to happy stories like Wendy’s, Penny’s and Teller’s with our Happy Cats who are ready to go, with their microchips…plus negative virus tests, their spays or neuters, vaccinations (except rabies), food & litter starter kits, a month of free insurance and a free vet visit voucher to give each kitty a happy, healthy start.