Franklin & Linus

Franklin peeks next doorGabriel and Phoenix’s mom got locked out of her house on a cold winter night when it was time to have her babies. Desperate, she came in the dog door of another apartment and had them there. The neighbor couldn’t keep them but–lucky for these kittens–a friend took them in.



Gabriel & PhoenixSue turned out to be the perfect foster mom. The first 16 weeks are critical to raising a good companion cat and Sue had a great mentor, our Shelter Manager Melissa. Because of Sue and Melissa, the kittens not only grew healthy but were very well socialized by the time they came to us.



Franklin & LinusWe like to see most kittens adopted with a sibling, and these pictures show why. Those early bonds will likely create lifelong friends who can help each other weather any storms that may come. It’s clear these kittens love their people, but a close cat companion is obviously equally cherished.






Gabriel & Phoenix with BrittAs their guardian Britt says, “The boys enjoy working on training from clicker class and are super enthusiastic about the food! I can tell you and the foster mom worked so much with them and I am so thankful! I trimmed their claws the other day and had zero problems. I know that’s not always the case with cats. Thank you so much for everything you did for my boys! I am so grateful!”

We’re grateful too for such committed adopters and that Phoenix and Gabriel have obviously found the perfect home together!

If you would like to help raise kittens who never end up in a shelter as cats, please contact us about our foster program. Kitten Season–when many kittens are born in unsafe conditions–is nearly upon us and we can use all the help we can get. We provide food, litter, medical and moral support (you too can be a perfect foster like Sue!). All you need is the time and love (and a quiet safe room). 719-635-5000