Maurice @ Happy Cats
Maurice came to Happy Cats when his pregnant mom was found outside in the cold in January. A wonderful foster family helped raise him and his siblings, naming them after the old Bewitched TV show.



Maui @ home
He is a striking silver tabby with the more rare Classic pattern of swirls on his sides instead of stripes. He was always very outgoing and friendly.



Maui goes camping
Maurice was adopted by Julie and Colin and settled in quickly with his new sexier name, Maui. They like to camp, so they taught Maui how to walk on a leash.



Maui goes for a ride
His adopters, Julie and Colin, say, “Maui has his own special seat in the truck so he doesn’t miss any wildlife as we drive through Colorado from campground to campground.”



Maui goes camping
He’s quite the experienced RV-er and just returned from his first camping trip this year. He was very excited to be camping again and started purring as soon as they put on his harness.


Maui camping
He got a new indoor play stand so he could look outside and keep an eye out for bears…in between naps.
Maui camping
They did a lot of exploring (on a leash), smelled all the flowers and wore themselves out.

Maui relaxes @ home
Julie and Colin say, “We’re sure alllll cat owners think their cat is the most special, but truly Maui is a one of a kind campin’ kitty who just wants to a part of whatever is going on all the time. Sleeping all day can be done some other day!

We really believe that the additional time he was nurtured by his Mom and with the great care given to him by Happy Cats Haven prior to adoption helped with his very loving disposition. If he could speak English, he’d thank everyone at Happy Cats Haven for taking such good care of him and finding him his new home!!”

If you’d like to teach your cat or kitten to walk on a leash, there are some tips in our article, How to Leash Train Your Cat. The most successful students are those, like Maui, who are already very outgoing and confident.
Maui camping