Jeanette @ Happy CatsHappy Cats got a call last Fall from someone who said they saw a mother cat and some kittens living in the garden center at Walmart. We immediately called Barb, our TNR consultant, who trapped them and brought them to her house. She named them after the people who helped her. Mama cat got the supervisor’s name: Jeanette.

Jeanette @ Happy Cats

At around around 5 months old, the kittens were already past their window of socialization, too feral to tame without months if not years of volunteer time. Jeanette, however, had been someone’s pet. She was thin and a little bedraggled, having taken care of her babies as best she could.

Jeanette @ Happy Cats

Her kittens went on to a very safe barn home, while Jeanette came to Happy Cats just before Christmas. Having been forced to fend off who knows what to protect her kittens, Jeanette wasn’t thrilled to be living with other cats. We knew her loving side, but she had a tendency to stay up on the catwalk and got passed by because of that.

Jeanette & Natalie

Then along came Natalie. It was her 5th anniversary and she and her husband Michael had decided to celebrate it by adopting a cat. Jeanette must have known it was a special day. For the first time, she met someone at the door, ready to show Natalie what a sweet kitty she could be.

It worked! Natalie gathered her up and off she went to celebrate with Michael. And Jeanette.


Dutchess @ Home

Jeanette is now Dutchess, because she looks so royal, according to Natalie. Apparently, Michael had been unenlightened about cats before Dutchess came into their lives, but it didn’t take long before she convinced him that cats could be just as wonderful as dogs.


Another one of me & Dutch!

Dutchess is quite the love bug, who never gets tired of being loved on. According to Natalie, “She will purr as long as we continue to pet!” We had guessed she was a very young mother, confirmed by her love for play, especially with her feather toy.


Dutchess Michael & Natalie

Natalie says, “We can’t thank Happy Cats Haven enough for rescuing and taking such good care of her while she was waiting to be united with her family! She’s so good with people who come over and she is very friendly to everyone. We talk all the time about how we were missing something before we found each other!”


Dutchess @ Home

As a baby mama forced to make her way in a big scary store, Dutchess knows how lucky she is to have found Natalie and Michael. We hope you all have many many more happy anniversaries!