Kittens & friends @ Happy Cats

Kittens & friends

Happy Cats Haven had our grand opening dates in November to a wonderful turnout. Thanks to everyone who visited, especially to our local print media for all their support: the Pikes Peak Bulletin, the Westside Pioneer and the Gazette.

The Gazette even made a little video of our kitty agility demonstration, with our stars Crossey, McRae, Polly and Ming. Way to go, girls!

This led to 5 adoptions the first week, including two older friends, Sly and Lulu. Their guardian had to move and leave them behind, but thanks to Cathy and Tom, they’re now in their new home together. WOOHOO Sly and Lulu as well as Sugarbear, Pearl and Mason!

We’re also having a radio interview tomorrow, December 1st, on a program called Pros on Call on the station Sportsanimal 1300 AM at 9 AM MST. Wish us luck!

Happy Cats is presently an all-volunteer organization. If you would like to help, either by volunteering or with a tax-deductible financial contribution, we would love to talk to you. Please email us at or leave us a message at 719-635-5000. You can also donate directly through Paypal, below. The volunteers and cats thank you!