Darrin & visitor

Darrin & visitorIn July, Happy Cats was honored to host a group of children and teens from First Steps Spirituality Center. We were their first stop in a program on how loving and caring for animals can help to heal the wounds of grief. As you can see with Darrin and his guest, some of the conversations happened in the quiet of a special moment.

Abby & visitors

Other visitors were able to hear Abby’s story of being rescued off the street and be thankful for the love and care in their own lives.
Tabby & visitor



It wasn’t all meditation and quiet…most of the cats and kittens got to have some welcome playtime with their visitors too! They were also able to teach us some things about each of our cats and how they responded to younger people.

We’re glad you enjoyed your time here and hope we can take part in your journey in the future!