Hi, my name is Fettuccine. I used to have a home, but my people forced me outside. I’m a lover and a gentleman and I don’t know why they didn’t love me back.

I have entropion, where my eyelid folds back against my eye. Because I was neglected, my eye got so scratched that it will have to be removed.

The stress of trying to survive on the street with that pain also weakened my immune system, so I have itchy spots that may be allergies. I’m doing better now that I’m safe and some of my spots have already started to heal.

I was a little scruffy at first, but you can see what a few days of good food, medications and love have already done. Everyone tells me I’m the sweetest boy and I’ll be even happier when my eye doesn’t hurt anymore! Can you donate to my Fettuccine Fund to help with my eye surgery and let me get back to being pain free so I can find my forever family?

Click here to donate securely through Paypal.

I also need a safe place to heal. Nothing I have is contagious, so if you have room in your home and your heart for me to stay while I recuperate, please call Happy Cats at 719-362-4600 for more info. I’d love to share my purrs in a real home again!