Lulu's thanks!Big rumbly purrs to everyone who has donated so far to our Indy Give! campaign! Your tax-deductible donation is so appreciated by kitties and volunteers alike.

Your year-end donation goes to help kitties like Lulu, above, a young mom who was surrendered to us because her people were angry she wasn’t taking care of her newborn kittens. It turns out Lulu was barely being fed, and then at the risk of their dogs harming her. She had lost her milk from stress and it was too late for the babies by the time we rushed to retrieve her.

She had a little rocky start with her new guardians, who were used to playing with their previous cat with their hands. Lulu didn’t understand at first and played too hard. Now she has lots of love, cat toys and a cat tree and is coming out of her shell, learning how to live with their nice dog on good and safe terms.

Eli @ Happy Cats
Donations also go to help the never-ending stream of kittens who find safe haven with us. We rescue kittens like Eli and Porsche, who came from two different litters two months apart, but ended up as singles after their siblings found homes. A wonderful family with three nice boys thought Eli would make Porsche a wonderful big brother and sure enough, he did!

Eli loves Porsche
Our Happy Cats give us and their new families so much love. We have now found homes for over 1,300 cats since we opened our doors in 2011. Please consider making a donation for the kitties yet to come in these last days of 2015!

You can go to our donation page on the Indy Give! site here.

As always, all our cats and kittens thank you with big headbonks and purrs!