Our first clicker training classes had a very good turnout! We scheduled our intro class on Sunday, January 29th, it filled and then we filled a second class. Some folks brought their spouses, so we had lots of new friends to meet.

Crossey jumps hurdle

Crossey jumps a hurdle

We had just enough time to hit the high spots in what we call Clicker Play, to distinguish it from what most people know as conventional training. We’re all about using rewards to build the human-feline bond because treats always work better than scolding. The cats think they have you trained and love doing it…that’s why we call it play!

We don’t have any stars right now like we did at our grand opening with Crossey and McRae, but because of that, we were able to show people what it’s like to start from the beginning with many of our cats. Most people who wanted to got some hands-on training time and we hope we answered a lot of questions. To show what cats can do, we watched a short video of one of the team’s cats having fun doing tricks.
Click with Your Cat class

Our next scheduled class will be on February 26th at either 1 or 3 pm. Because of the interest, it will be a repeat of the intro class. As before, you need to call or email to sign up and we’ll add the second class as needed. We’ll try hard to limit each class to 6 people so everyone gets more training time. Please email us or call at 719-635-5000 to sign up.

Right now, our advanced class is scheduled for March, but if you’re interested in us presenting that sooner, please email or call and we’ll see if we can schedule it before then. It will focus on techniques to help with common issues like counter surfing and door darting.