Thanks to Indy Give!

As we welcome in the New Year, we’re popping out purrs for everyone in the Happy Cats family!

Celebrate 259

…the number of cats & kittens we helped to find their forever homes, including:

  • 59 adults and catolescents
  • 189 kittens
  • 11 seniors

Celebrate 30 – 70

…the number of cats & kittens that we–and our fabulous fosters–provide loving homes for at any given time.

Celebrate monthly & weekly

…our classes on how to better understand our feline friends and our programs putting kitties to work purring for children, seniors and other at-risk folks…while they help the kitties in return.

Celebrate 300+

…the number of community cat spays and neuters we supported, preventing thousands more from suffering and early death.

Celebrate 20,000+

…the number of visitors to our website and Facebook page this year.

Celebrate 1000+

…the number of tweets by our Social Media Maven Lindsay…plus over 300 Pinterest pins. Every single hit helps us reach more adopters for more of our kitties.

Finally, celebrate 18,000+

the number of dollars raised through Indy Give! with your help! This met our match from our wonderful original donors: Sarah Roach, St. Paws Thrift Store, Rescued Hearts Unique Boutique and the Happy Cats Haven Board. These funds will go directly to meeting $1,800 in medical bills per month and supplying the kitties with 4,700 pounds of cat food and 3,900 pounds of cat litter this year, among other costs.

The cats & kittens thank you…and everyone at Happy Cats does too!

Huck dreams of happy 2014