Lilly Bug in the Stacks

Mark Twain liked cats. So did Ernest Hemingway. Ditto Margaret Mitchell. And each author penned a novel that was later challenged or banned. Coincidence? Not at all! Great authors and cats go together like catnip and scratching posts.

Do you like cats and books? Here’s your chance to support both with Happy Cats Haven and Pikes Peak Library District’s Cats in the Stacks during Banned Book Week. Photos of our seniors and ‘catolescents’ will be “living” in the stacks of the Manitou Springs, Ute Pass, Cheyenne Mountain and 21C Libaries.

All the kitties have a QR code you can scan for information, which will take you directly to their web page as well as PPLD’s.

Take a selfie with our kitties and post 3 to Facebook, tweet them on Twitter or pin them on Pinterest and you’ll win a free toy for your cat at these libraries.

So, do your part to save the world. Adopt a cat. Read a banned book!

Mark Twain & Friend
Margaret Mitchell & Friend

Hemingway & Friend