Cat Geek Boutique

Cat Geek Boutique
Get your purr on at our Holiday Boutique with our unique feline friendly gifts for all the cat lovers on your list!
Happy Cats Holiday Boutique
We have everything from embroidered ornaments and cashmere catnip mice:
Nyr's cat ornamentsCashmere catnip mice
to handmade cat jewelry, glass plates and feeding trays:
Just Plain Jane cat pinsLa Rosa cat plates
Kitty feeding tray
to stuffed gift mugs and lavish cat baskets, like the Gardener’s Basket:
Gardener's cat basket
The Clicker Play Basket:
Clicker play cat basket
and the Kitten Kit Basket:
Kitten starter kit carrier
And don’t forget our upcycled Cat Geek computer and teevee beds!Cat Geek computer bed
CatGeek Teevee Bed
And our PawPads & Condos scratchers, made of solid wood right here in Colorado Springs:
PawPads & Condos scratcher
If you’re one of our Facebook friends–or become a new one–mention that when you stop by for a 10% discount on selected items.

And don’t forget that all proceeds go to support our cats and kittens!