Calypso @ Happy Cats
Calypso is a pretty longhaired tortie kitty who came to Happy Cats with her sons. They were almost as big as her and had the same extra toes she has.

She almost immediately found a home with a nicely busy family. They have two other cats, a dog, 3 busy teens and a mom in grad school. Calypso was confident and outgoing, and seemed to be a good match for them.

Calypso @ Home
Within a few days, Happy Cats got the call that they weren’t sure they would be able to keep Calypso, as she was urinating outside the box. Calypso didn’t seem like herself, hiding a lot and being very quiet.

We talked about what was actually happening at their busy house and Calypso’s reaction. We guessed the reason she wasn’t using the box was she felt like she couldn’t get to it because of the activity. Imagine feeling like there were so many people in front of you that you couldn’t actually get to the bathroom…that must have been how Calypso felt! Everyone was being fed at the heart of the activity too, so that may also have been intimidating to her.

Calypso & Friends @ Home
Since cats are all about their resources, we suggested adding another litter box in a less busy part of the house, as well as another feeding station in a quieter place. Within days, Calypso was coming out again, playing with the other cats and playing fetch with her people. After just a few days of eating in a safe place by herself, she told her family she wanted to be fed with everyone else.

Finally, she hasn’t had any accidents since they added another litter box for her, proving once again that everyone needs easy access to the bathroom, including cats! Her catmom Jessie says, “Calypso is a sweetheart. We’re glad we finally figured out what she wanted. We love her a lot, specifically me!”

Calypso @ Home