Adopt a Cat for June!For Adopt-a-cat month, Happy Cats is celebrating our wonderful black cats and kittens!

You may think they all look alike but…

Teller is big, muscular and adores his sister Penny.
Teller loves Penny

Yuki does the best Sit Pretty in the cat world. WOOHOO! Yuki is adopted!
Yuki Sits Pretty

Precious looks just like a fancy Bombay and has the friendliest purr.
Precious @ Happy Cats

Beau does the best photobombs, paws down. WOOHOO! Beau is adopted!
Beau the World's Best Photobomber

Blake ditched Miranda and Faith ditched Tim, but Tim and Miranda don’t care. WOOHOO! Tim is adopted!
Tim & Miranda @ Happy Cats

Buffy loves the sun and tummy rubs…on her own terms of course.
Buffy @ Happy Cats

Jack Frost and Sandman were weaned before they were a month old, little self-reliant cousins. WOOHOO! Jack & Sandman are adopted!
Jack Frost & Sandman @ Happy Cats

Fitz was so shut down when rescued from a hoarder, his ears wouldn’t even stand up…but look at him now!
Fitz @ Happy Cats

Black goes with everything, doesn’t show the dirt and lets you have your very own indoor black panther. Trade secret: black cats are usually the last ones to get sick in a shelter. They’re smart, loving and tough little cookies!

All black cats and kittens are $50 through June. Call us at 719-635-5000 if you’re ready to give a loving home to one of our sweet black kitties!