We’re celebrating Adopt a Senior month with special adoption fees of $30 all through November!

With all the cute kittens out there, it’s easy for an older kitty to get overlooked. A cat of 10 or older could still have as many years left as some dogs have their whole lives!

Many of our senior cats have lived in our colonies for months. Watching other kitties come and go can make them more reserved. They may need a little more time to give their hearts away. We’ve often found they blossom back into more outgoing and active cats once they know they’re safe and loved again.

With the help of the Lauretta Boyd Charitable Trust, we are offering our Love Knows No Age Program to support these cats, with up to $1000 in medical costs for the first year to be covered upon adoption. Now’s the time to snuggle up with one of our sweet and sassy seniors!

Vanilla is a beautiful longhaired Himalayan mix lady who came to Happy Cats when her people could no longer care for her. She’s lived with other cats and a nice dog, but might just prefer to be your one and only in her senior years.

Socks is ADOPTED!

Socks was brought in after a hard life on the streets. He’s a big, affectionate Snuggle Bunny who wants nothing more than a loving, warm place to spend the rest of his days. He’s waiting to get into see the vet to get a dental, but would love to have a loving home when he gets that snaggle tooth pulled so he can recuperate there. The Love Knows No Age Program will cover that for him!

Keesa came here when it got too cold to continue living with her catmom in her car. She loves to go on quiet walks, surveying her territory like the little queen she is. She’s a part time Snuggle Bunny who loves laps and petting…up until she doesn’t :). But she’s really good at letting you know when she’s done!

Seymour was found as a little kitten in a back yard. As often happens with white cats with blue eyes, Seymour is deaf. This gives him a high startle response and makes him a little hard for other cats to integrate with, as they usually speak very different languages. But he adores his people and will be your best nap buddy. Although a senior, he’s still a very high energy cat, ready to play at the drop of a cat toy!

Lana is ADOPTED!

Lana landed here when her soldier deployed and couldn’t take her with him. She adored him and will do great if she can find another Cat Daddy…but likes her Catmoms just as well. She’s a total Snuggle Bunny and big flirt who loves petting, but needs to be the only queen in her castle.

was diagnosed with hyperthyroidism, which is very treatable with a daily ear ointment. Her people brought her in to be euthanized, but our friends at Bijou Animal Hospital asked if we could find her a new home. She’s loving and outgoing and great with other cats. And look at that beautiful fur!

Ginger came here when his people could no longer care for him. He can be a Snuggle Bunny but is also independent enough to be your Social Secretary from a warm and cozy spot in your home.

Dora was brought to one of our partner vets to be euthanized after a lifetime of abuse. They helped us give her another chance and now this shy, sweet lady is ready to give her heart away to the right person, someone with a quiet home and the patience to let her continue to recover her courage.

Cedar MG is ADOPTED!

Cedar Manhattan Grove got his big name when he was rescued as a tiny kitten from some kids who were using him in a game of catch. He came here when his family members changed and he didn’t fit in anymore. He’s a huge, regal cat who will do best if he can be your Social Secretary on his own terms. Bonus: he has the biggest purr you’re likely to hear, so you can throw away that sound machine!

Click on any of their photos or call us at 719-362-4600 if you have any questions about our sweet seniors, or want to know more about the Love Knows No Age Program!