Wanda Jane @ Happy CatsWanda came to us from a hoarding situation. Last January, 25+ unneutered cats and kittens were living in a cold dark house that was being foreclosed on. All the local cat rescues pitched in and all cats and kittens found homes…except Wanda.

Wanda plays @ Happy CatsShe is almost the perfect cat. She’s sleek and sweet, playful and smart, loving and friendly. She does great with other cats and is confident in new situations. There’s only one little problem. She has a wound that’s hard to heal.


Wanda's wound April 2012She’d apparently had an abscess when she first came to us. It had never healed properly and she dug at it frequently. Dr. Pollard of Carefree Cats did a biopsy and found it was not cancerous. We were given some topical medication, but could not get ahead of her scratching.

We found the Buster Clic E-collar, which snugs up tight, is the right width and is translucent so she isn’t completely deprived of peripheral vision. It got her to the next level in the summer. However, her drive to scratch it was very strong. Our volunteer Nyrja tried Claw Caps on her back foot, which lessened the depth of the scratches a bit. She then wrapped it in a boot.

Nyrja's laser therapyWe then tried laser therapy through the generosity at Carefree Cats. Wanda had many sessions from Nyrja, which she loved, and we got to the next level. But Wanda was still apt to scratch it open when she could, even finding creative ways to get to it like wrapping her cone around the corner of a scratching post. Still, she was playful and cheerful and full of life. We took her cone off when we were around to watch her, at least daily.
Wanda @ Happy Cats


Is this not the most patient cat you’ve ever met?


Wanda & Dr. LeeThe next treatment we tried was from Dr. Lee, who is an veterinary acupuncturist. She drops in several times a week to do acupuncture, often giving Wanda B-12 shots and other supplements too, along with snuggles.


Wanda's folded earsAs of mid-October, Wanda’s wound is down to a small patch. Her cone has been on so long that her ears sometimes flop like a Scottish fold. She has gone for some weeks without opening the wound back up, which allows her ears to heal, but can’t seem to let the wound heal completely.

Dr. Lee consulted with a veterinary dermatologist. Wanda’s next step is to be anesthetized so she can be deeply examined, with another specialized biopsy and x-rays to check out her jaw and the immediate area. It’s possible she has a deep infection or fungus that needs to be treated in a way we haven’t found yet.
Wanda's wound July 2012

This will run into the hundreds of dollars. As Nyrja says, Wanda would have been euthanized most other places. We continue to be charmed by her antics and her unquenchable personality. We know she will continue to be the perfect cat once the cone is gone.

Please help us get Wanda to her next level of healing and get that cone off for good! As always, your donations are tax-deductible. Please note on any donation that you’d like it to go to Wanda’s Cone-dectomy.