A Tale of Two Kitties

Garage Band @ Happy Cats

It was the best of times, it was the worst of times. Stevie and Santana were part of a litter of five kittens found in a garage in the southeast part of Colorado Springs. Their mom was a stray who was trying to do her best for her new little family by finding them shelter where she could. If these kittens had not been rescued from the garage where their mom sought refuge, they were slated to be thrown into a field.

We named the little family the Garage Band: mom Madonna; brothers Duran, Cool J & Santana; and sisters Stevie & Asia. A loving foster mom took them in to help, but Madonna stayed very protective with them. After a while, she let the foster mom get in to socialize the kittens, but kept her distance.

When the kittens came in to be fixed, little Stevie went in as Stevie Nicks and came out as Stevie Wonder! Their brother and sisters got adopted quickly but the last two brothers waited and waited.


It seemed like weeks, but they finally found their perfect family. Stevie and Santana (renamed Toby and Oliver) were adopted together, and now are part of a wonderful family with two young sisters who adore them! This tale of two kitties is one for the books!