Everyone at Happy Cats Haven is so thankful for all the support from people from all walks of life who care about the kitties. We are entirely donation supported and couldn’t do it without all of you!

Natalie of Girl Scout Troupe 543
Natalia of Girl Scout Troupe 543 just finished a HUGE project making cat beds out of t-shirts. These colorful beds will wash up nicely and make our colonies extra cheery, for both our cats and our visitors. Plus, what a great use for old t-shirts. Thank you so much, Natalie!

Huggy Beds from Liberty High
Liberty High School Honor Students
Liberty High School donations
Speaking of beds…and food, litter, toys, cleaning and office supplies…the National Honor Society students of Liberty High School honored us with a huge donation of Huggy Beds and toys they made themselves, plus lots of other goodies! We have enough beds that we can offer them to our adopters with each adoption, helping our kitties transition in style to their new homes. Thank you, everyone!

All Breed Rescue donation
Street cats
Our friends Lauren and Sara at All Breed Rescue & Training received a dog food donation that also included cat food, which they shared with us. We in turn shared it with many Colony Managers in need for their street kitties. It’s often those who have the least who are the most generous with the cats in need, so we feel honored to be able to help them out.

PetSmart donations
Also, our friends at the Monument PetSmart have gifted us with the Petsmart Authority canned food we use for our seniors and special needs cats, along with dry food which we pass along to those in need. This helps to greatly lower our food costs.

Marsha Miller
We were invited to help celebrate the life of one of our earliest volunteers, Marsha Miller, at a benefit concert. Marsha loved kitties and shared that love with our cats, including fostering Pepsi and Jinx (now Jessie). Her friends and family passed the hat for a wonderful donation which will be used to name one of the colonies after her. Even better, her husband Chuck adopted Sharkey from us, paying forward Marsha’s love for cats. Thank you everyone!

Sky's reading
Thank also to everyone who turned out for Sky Heartsong’s readings and talk April 25-26! Special thanks to Sky who was kind enough to stay late both days to help extra people.

Jenga & YahtzeeMomcat Jenga and several other kitties especially appreciate everyone’s donations to our medical fund to help them with dentals. They’ll be pain-free now when they go off to their forever families.

Happy Cats is now able to receive recurring donations through a couple of different sites, Colorado Gives (click on the Donate Now button) and our regular Paypal account, below. We depend on our donors for everything from food & litter to veterinary care to the roof over our kitties’ heads. We have several donors who are helping us monthly, which is such a blessing to be able to count on their support. Rest assured that anything you can spare will be put to good use, helping us to help the cats.

Thank you so much for everything you do to help!

The volunteers, cats & kittens thank you!