Happy Cats ShopHappy Cats Haven has a small shop chock full of goodies for your feline friends. All our products are tested by our own cats, so we have first-hand experience you can rely on. We try to stock the best of the best, items that will keep both you and your cat happy. We also have a nice selection of gently used items. Plus, every purchase benefits our cats and kittens!

Da Birds & Cat Catchers
Toys @ Happy Cats

watching the Cat Catcher

Hey, when's my turn?

The Da Bird is a fairly simple string toy, but the swivels used with the feathers make for very realistic play. This was paws down the favorite toy until we got in the Cat Catcher, made by the same people. This mouse toy, similar to Da Bird (should be called Da Mouse) gets everyone going, even the most reluctant cat or kitten. Even when they’re playing in the next room.

Neko Flies Cat Toys
Neko Flies display @ Happy CatsNeko Flies Kittenator cat toyWe’ve just started carrying Neko Flies, another fantastic string toy that will have your cat begging for more. These cost a bit more but are made with heavier materials to stand up to the most toy-addicted play. Neko Flies also have interchangeable toys, ranging from dragonfly-like to caterpillar-like to mice-like. Our testers highly recommend these too!

Paw Pads & Condos Cat Scratchers
PawPads & Condos cat scratcherPawPads & Condos cat scratcherCats are born to scratch. Our job as their guardians is to provide them with ways to scratch that keep both them and us happy. Paw Pads & Condos is a small local company that makes wonderful scratchers and cat trees. Not only are they sturdier than almost any other scratcher you can find, but they are more environmentally safe. All items are made with solid plywood, no glues and no glue-ridden fiberboard. They are also made with all-natural sisal rope from either Brazil or Mexico which has no toxic oil residue like that from China. Built to last, these are also Happy Cats approved, both at the Haven and in our own homes.


CatGeek Cat Beds
CatGeek Monitor BedCatGeek Monitor BedAlso crafted locally by our own volunteer Allison DuVal, these upcycled computer beds will give your feline a cozy place to sleep while putting a little whimsy in your home decor. The matching inner fleece beds are soft and washable.


Just Plain Jane jewelryJust Plain Jane jewelryWe also carry lots of fun small gifts, like this line of jewelry from Just Plain Jane.




Cat Litter
Swheat Scoop cat litterWe use and recommend Swheat Scoop, a litter made from wheat particles that’s clumping, biodegradable, odor absorbing and has proven to be less allergenic for most of us and our cats and kittens (there’s some evidence that clay litters can be dangerous to lungs, especially those of small kittens).

Purr & Simple litter
Purr and Simple is another litter we stock, made from ground nut hulls. Our testers think it’s great for odor control and some cats prefer it. Please note: Purr & Simple is a dark non-sandy litter, so please transition your cat gradually to it.



Scoops @ Happy CatsDuraScoops are made like quality garden tools and will last practically forever (if you happen to break one, say, climbing an ice field, they’ll replace it). If you have a cat, why settle for anything less that a real tool for something you’ll need to do every day?



Fizzion @ Happy Cats
Stuff happens. We’ve had great success with this stain and odor remover. One of our fosters had a room full of sick kittens. After they were well, she cleaned the floors and walls, then used Fizzion everywhere there might have been, shall we say, DNA. Then she turned loose her biggest critics, the other cats of the household. They completely ignored the potential stains, not a flehmen response in sight. Jackson Galaxy approved!

BeWitched Cat Toys
Cat toysMade with “potent organic catnip”, these felt tacos, kites and mice are just stinkin’ cute.