Shilo @ Happy Cats
We all know that Shilo is the Queen. Mostly because she tells us that.

She must have had a sketchy childhood, as she can be the Queen of Hot and Cold. Usually this comes from mixed messages from a cat’s people, where they got rewarded for something one day and punished for it the next.

Shilo @ Happy Cats
This can translate into Shilo giving mixed messages too: one minute she can be very nice, purring on someone’s lap, and the next…the dreaded Outside Voice appears!

Unlike some cats, though, Shilo is very good at letting you know when she’s had enough of your attentions. That’s what an Outside Voice is for, right?

Shilo loves her laptime
She really does make the best lap cat in the world, a fine heating pad on a cold winter’s night as you can see. On a lap, her Outside Voice softens into a melodic Inside one, with softly trilled questions instead of queenly commands. She has a lovely purr and is glad to share it once you’re both settled in. We’ve learned that a gentle transition to the floor keeps her purring, so she has a cubby that will come with her adoption for just that purpose.

Shilo @ Happy Cats
Shilo has an extra sensitive nose, so living in a shelter has been a huge challenge for her. Even the smell of a mild cleaning solution can bring on the Outside Voice, let alone all those other cats she can smell but not see. It took her some time to start healing from whatever trauma she had at her last house, but she has made great progress. Considering how long she’s been here, she has learned to be very patient with everything.

Shilo & Gracie @ Happy Cats
Like Gracie and Xander, with whom she lives, Shilo does best on a scheduled diet. She’s lost 3 pounds since she came to us, a fifth of her body weight. She doesn’t need anything fancy, just some good quality canned food and a few crunchies to make her happy. Oh, and fish flakes. She loves her some fish flakes.

We’re guessing a home without other cats and with lots of room to claim her queendom will only continue to bring out her best. Shilo loves to play, so more exercise, more room to roam and plenty of attention from someone who realizes how special she really is may just turn our Silver Queen into a loving (and only slightly pushy!) Princess.

Shilo @ Happy Cats
We are partnering with Best Friends Animal Sanctuary through December to reduce her adoption fee to $25, including our usual adoption package of negative virus tests, microchips, vaccinations, spays or neuters, food & litter to get you started, a month of free insurance and a voucher for a free vet visit. If you don’t have a carrier, we can give you one of those too. She’ll be waiting for you!