Phoebe @ Happy Cats
Phoebe and Conrad are siblings who came to Happy Cats from Pueblo. Phoebe is the fluffy one and Conrad is growing to be a solid square little black panther. They were a little shy at first, but Phoebe was the explorer when they were in their condo.
Conrad @ Happy Cats
When they were introduced to Colony 1, Conrad surprised us by being the brave one who came out to meet new kitties. They do best when the shelter is quiet, coming around for purrs and pets once evening comes. They love to play too, but politely defer to other more rambunctious kitties, waiting their turns.
Conrad @ Happy Cats
Twinkle came here with her mom Tiki from a house that had too many kitties. She hadn’t been handled so she took time to warm up. When she and Tiki moved into Colony 1, she immediately took up with Phoebe and Conrad, becoming their new BFF. She loves to play and will come down to meet new people, but only those with a gentle touch get to pet her.
Now in the evenings, all you have to do is gently slide their bed over to your lap. Phoebe will be the first one in it, purring her satisfaction. Then Conrad will come in, adding to the rumble. Finally, Twinkle will shyly jump up and settle in, gladly accepting chin rubs with the confidence of her friends.
Twinkle, Phoebe & Conrad @ Happy Cats
Cat friendships may be rare in the shelter world, but it’s common for kitties to find each other at Happy Cats. We would love to see these three friends stay together, helping each other through the scary parts of life. They are on special through February for $120 for all three. That includes our usual signing bonus of their spays or neuter, negative virus tests, microchips, vaccinations, food & litter starter kit, a month of free insurance and a free vet visit voucher.

They would love to meet a quiet family with gentle hearts, big enough for all those purrs!