Hello friends, I’m Pekoe! You may think I’m just another little black pantherette, but I have a very special story.

I was adopted from Happy Cats 4 years ago as a little kitten. I had two wonderful foster families, so you can see that I was loving and fun when I went home with another kitten friend to what appeared to be another nice family.

I wish I could tell you what went wrong, but somewhere along the way, my family fell apart and I was left with my cat dad. When he contacted Happy Cats recently, he said he was going on the road with his current girlfriend and their dog, and did not want me any more. Happy Cats needed a few days to find room for me, but by the time they did, he said he had given me to a friend.

Instead, he dumped me at a high-fill shelter. Microchipped Happy Cats at this shelter are only sent back when they are marked for euthanasia, but I’m so glad they finally called.

When the volunteer came to pick me up, I was so scared, I was screaming and throwing my body at the sides of the small carrier I was in. The volunteer picked me up and put me in a car and then an amazing thing happened. She started talking to me. To me! Like I mattered! Immediately, my voice changed from deep, fearful yowls to lighter meows. Then the meows turned to questions. Was I really safe? When she told me I was, I quieted to soft pleas.

I was tucked into a condo and given a quiet place to hide. It took a while, but I started accepting gentle pets with a soft wand. I relaxed and soon, other volunteers were able to pet me. It was a thrill when I first pushed into someone’s hand with my shoulders, my little face still buried because I was still so scared. But I so wanted them to love me again!

Now I live in a colony with other quiet cats like me. They built me a tunnel that I love to move through and gave me lots of quiet places to hide. And you know what? When it’s quiet and my favorite people are there, now I come out to greet them! I rub on their legs and purr, just like I did when I was a kitten.

I know I’m not a fancy cat, and I may not be the first one to meet you at the door. But if you have room in your heart, a safe home, love and patience, I can guarantee I’ll continue to grow back into the loving cat I once was. I’m still young and now that I’m safe, I even love to play again! Check out my video to watch!

I’m doing fine with my new cat friends here, so I’ll probably get along with yours too, as long as they are nice and quiet like me. I will probably do best in a home without dogs, as they were probably allowed to bully me at my last house. A quiet home with adults and maybe older children will help bring out my best.

I’m a TLC Cat, and come with extra instructions about how to make sure I don’t get too scared when I move. I can be adopted for $60, which includes my virus testing, spay, vaccinations, microchip, food & litter starter kit, a month of free insurance and a free vet visit. Won’t you stop by and give this sweet, shy girl a chance to win your heart?

You can click here to download an Adoption Application for me, fill it out and send to adopthch@gmail.com. Someone should get back to you within 48 hours after you send it in. If you’d like to contact someone more quickly, please call Happy Cats at 719-362-4600.