Noel @ Happy Cats
You may remember Noel, our sweet black kitty found limping badly at an outside colony. Someone had put a harness on her as a kitten and it grew into her as she grew.

With lots of help and TLC, we made sure those wounds and her broken jaw healed well and she found her forever home last month.

Boone @ Happy Cats
It’s hard to believe, but recently we took in another kitty with a collar injury. Boone is a big orange fellow on whom someone tied a big, thick non-breakaway dog collar. He got his leg through it trying to remove it and infection set in.

Boone at Happy CatsWith help from Dr. Pearson at Healing Path, he is on the way to recovery with daily dressing changes at Happy Cats. Boone also had fleas in a turtleshell mat over his whole back from years of neglect on his coat, so we’re working on that painful area too.

Boone's collarPlease, if you do put a collar on your cat, make sure it’s a breakaway one! Of course, we recommend keeping your cat indoors to reduce exposure to parasites and predators. Boone is so happy to be inside, safe and pain-free. Click here for his video!