Pinky & Fiji the RockCats

Tuna the AcroCatOnce again, we had a fabulous time at the Amazing AcroCats show! Samantha and her dashing assistant Ian put on a fun, funny and yes – amazing – show last week. In case you’re still in the camp that thinks cats don’t want to interact with their humans, witness Tuna happily flying through the air on cue!

Pinky & Fiji the RockCats
RockCats Pinky (recovering from surgery…go Pinky go!), Fiji and Neu were impressive in their edgy jazz/80s musicianship.

Neu the RockCat
Neu, as always, was the cool calm keyboardist.



Fortunately for us, Pinky and Fiji managed to table their artistic differences so we could get a souvenir shot with Samantha. And hey, who doesn’t need an excuse to wear kitty ears occasionally?

Happy Cats volunteers with Samantha

Lindsay & Tiny & friendSamantha not only allowed us to bring some of our own cats and kittens, including ambassador Tiny in the arms of Lindsay our volunteer who charmed everyone she met (both Tiny and Lindsay!), but let us staff a Happy Cats table so we could offer our favorite cat equipment.


Can't we have just one more kitten?

We got to show Samantha and Ian around the Happy Cats ranchette, introducing some of our own little trainees, including little Bug who almost left to join the cat circus! Samantha is an amazing storyteller and entertainer, even when she doesn’t have a cat in her arms.


Amazing AcroCats @ Happy Cats

We found we have a lot in common with Samantha and her circus cats, with our shared focus on building confidence, strengthening the feline-human bond and just flat out having a blast with clicker play. Samantha generously left us with a contribution to help out other cats who will benefit from the same techniques she uses for Tuna, Pinky, Fiji and the clan. Thanks again, Samantha and Ian…we hope your stay in the shadow of America’s Mountain was a fun one! Godspeed on your other stops.

If the the Amazing AcroCats and RockCats come to your fair city, don’t miss ’em!