Allison's centerpiece

Come on, get happy!To everyone who came to our 1st birthday celebration today…..volunteers, adopters, supporters …..Thank You!!

Brooke, Barb & friends
Kevin & Sarah
Lynn, Sherri & Rosalie
James, Crystal & friendMarilyn, Maria & Marcia
Brooke, Barb & friends
Frankie Melissa & Hilary
Nyrja & Linda
Susan & Dave
Trish, Janet, Jerry & Lindsay
Andi & friends








It was so great to see so many of our adopters and hear updated stories about their cats and kittens…or kittens who are well on their way to being big cats (we’re talking to you, Sparks!).

Happy Cats Birthday BashSherill & Sara
Sara & Melissa
Birthday bash food
Auction items





Thanks to our wonderful donors, we all enjoyed the feast of food as well as the visual feast of many amazing auction items. We appreciate your support!

Heart of Jerusalem Cafe
Cucuru Gallery Cafe
Patsy’s Candies
Sno-White Linen
Cake Crumbs
Party City
Laura Reilly
Lori DiPasquale
Melissa Shandley
Louise Peterson
Gigi’s Animal Lover’s Gift Shop
Allison Duval
Sherri Albertson
Janet Fritz
Kim Hasson
Lisa Lederer
Sara Ferguson
Boulder Street Gallery
Nyrja Marzigliano
Barb Jones
Alan Gorski
Lynn Harrison
Cat Roberts
Sarah Philips
Andrea Robbs
Peggy Corpeny

Many thanks to all those who helped set up, host and tear down.
Rosalie & Janet
Birthday setup
Allison's centerpiece


As adopter Connie said after the party, “What wonderful hearts to care for the lives of these kitties.”
You all rock and the kitties love you!

Happy Cats crew