Louie @ Happy Cats

Louie’s story

Louie is a handsome boy with big green eyes and ticked tabby fur, a lot like fancy Abyssinians. He and his pretty sister Beth came to Happy Cats as tiny orphans who had already been through the TNR program, with their tipped-ear badges of courage.

Louie is such a loving boy, the first one to greet you at the door when you come home from a long day, ready to snuggle next to you while he purrs your cares away. As you can see, he really enjoys nice, fluffy blankets and fun wand toys to play with!

They have been through a lot, but in spite of all their trauma, they still love to cuddle and purr just like they did when they were kittens. They are doing just fine with the other cats in their colony now, but their perfect home will probably not have other cats (unless they are super nice and friendly!), and no dogs or small children.

Please help spread the word about these two sweet kitties who have been through so much in search of their perfect home!

Louie @ Happy Cats
Louie & Beth @ Happy Cats

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