Throwdown! Kicking off on December 26th and ending at midnight on the 31st, Happy Cats Haven and the Manitou Art Center will engage in a friendly competition pitting adorable kittens against professional artists. Feats of ridiculousness include a litter box competition, fake news and fun graphics.

Keep in mind, this is all in good fun. To quote Susan Edmondson (Downtown Partnership of Colorado Springs), a known artlover and kittenlover:

In this time of great national strife and division, we must unite over our shared values of cuddliness and culture. Just as the lion shall lay down with the lamb, the union of kittens and artists shall lead us to a bright, prosperous and adorable future.

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The SPOILS: Whichever group raises the most money the last six days of the 2016 Indy GIVE! Campaign will win a full page advertisement in the Pikes Peak Bulletin and the “losing” board will participate in a photoshoot supporting the “winning” board’s organization.

Let the games begin!